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Confidentiality Agreements

Business sellers and buyers have a lot to consider when striking a deal and it is important that information is shared freely between both parties. To protect each other's commercial interests, one of the first considerations in any deal should be a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.

At Business Lawyers Direct we have the experience to be able to draft comprehensive and effective confidentiality agreements, which protect the interests of both parties in a deal. For more information call us on 0333 777 8003.

Protect your confidential data

Confidentiality agreements ensure that sensitive business information is not passed to anyone else. If information is disclosed, a party can claim for breach of contract and may be entitled to compensation.

Confidentiality agreements can be used to protect the following information:

  • Information about projects in progress or planned projects
  • Financial data
  • Information about staffing
  • Details of acquisitions and takeovers

They can also allow for the legally protected sharing of intellectual property or trading information.

Our focus is on creating bespoke confidentiality agreements which are tailored to the specific points of a deal and provide you with the right legal protection. We work very closely with our clients, who know they can be open with us, and their private information will remain just that.

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