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Contracted Out Leases

Generally, a business tenant has the right to renew his lease if there are no rent arrears and he has complied with all other obligations in the lease.

If you are a commercial landlord and want to ensure you can regain possession of a property at the end of a lease, there are steps you can take. Contact our experienced property lawyers for advice.

How can Business Lawyers Direct help?

‘Contracting out’ is the perfect solution for a landlord who suspects that they will require their property back at the end of a lease term. It means that the tenant will not have the automatic right to renew and will therefore have to vacate at the end of the lease term.

Our solicitors will work closely with you, ensuring that all the correct procedures are followed and that the terms of the lease are drafted in such a way as to protect your business interests. For example, it is essential that the correct wording is used in the lease in order to protect the landlord; it is also essential that the appropriate forms are sent to the tenant for signing before the lease begins.

Contact Business Lawyers Direct

Fore more information about contracted out leases, call Business Lawyers Direct today on or contact us via our online enquiry form and one of our senior solicitors will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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