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Commercial Lease Renewals

If you are a commercial landlord or tenant interested in renewing a current lease, speak to the experienced solicitors at Business Lawyers Direct. We will ensure that everything is in place to renew the lease as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Process of Renewing a Commercial Lease

In most cases where a tenant wants to renew their lease, the landlord is only too happy to agree. If there are no rent arrears and the tenant has complied with all other obligations set out in the lease, it can be renewed automatically.

However, if the landlord:

  • has restricted the tenant’s right to renew at the beginning of the tenancy; or
  • wants the premises back for his own use; or
  • plans to demolish the building or carry out significant refurbishment;

Then the tenant will find it difficult, if not impossible, to renew the lease.

What if the Landlord Resists?

If you are a commercial tenant struggling to renew a lease, our experienced commercial solicitors can advise you. We will correspond with the landlord, prepare the appropriate documents and protect your interests as far as possible.

What if you don’t want your Tenant to Renew?

If you are a commercial landlord and you don’t want your tenant to renew their lease, we can help you by:

  • restricting the tenant’s right to renew at the beginning of their tenancy; or
  • advising you on ways to end their tenancy, for example they may be in rent arrears or be using the premises for a something that is not permitted;

Our solicitors are thoroughly experienced in both ending and renewing commercial leases, and will ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Contact Business Lawyers Direct

For more information on renewing commercial leases, and legal advice for both landlords and tenants,

Call Business Lawyers Direct today on or contact us via our online enquiry form and and we will be in touch.

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